Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Worst Fantasy Island Episode...EVER!

So I decided to break down and purchase Dead Island after numerous first-hand reviews gave it a "must buy"!  Despite receiving a silver at the Software Bug Olympics, it really hasn't been too bad and I think by delaying the purchase I allowed some time for patching to occur.

  While I still feel the controls aren't what they should be, it is proving to be enjoyable, and at times, a challenge.  My biggest gripe so far is that if you click "close" on a menu it then activates your primary weapon.  This was especially frustrating after collecting a number of items to build a bomb, which then became my primary weapon.  I then clicked close and watched as my character then lobbed said bomb at the wall, wasting it on a very dirty, but nonetheless harmless, workbench.  That'll teach em!  I've gotten around this by using "ESC" instead but that really needs to be fixed.
  I was also a little discouraged that I had to carry and repair so many weapons.  Who knew a tropical resort was flush with such poor cutlery.  I'd would have assumed they'd have those Ginsu knives that can cut through anything and remain sharp.  Unfortunately this is not the case and I've been forced to find new ones after dispatching a few zombies.  However, I don't think this is terribly off base and in reality, if I were to de-limb a few zombies, you'd have to imagine the blade would dull and the handle would get a bit gooey.
  Today's a little crazy but I hope to get back to the game later on tonight or even tomorrow.  I'd like to to give the Coop another try but so far it's been a poor experience.  This is more a reflection on the participants and not on the game.


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