Sunday, September 4, 2011

Where have you been?

  Well, it's true, I am a big let down.  This year has been really crazy and I haven't really dedicated myself as I should to the blog.  I spent nearly a year training for Tough Mudder which I successfully completed about 4 weeks ago.  That was an immense challenge for me but I feel great about the accomplishment.  YOu can watch me get electrocuted at the finish line right here:

  I'm in the blue shorts with a white stripe and no shirt.  Please note how I take a good jolt and drop to my knees, good times!  Between that, work, three kids a wife and two dogs, it's been hard to even get enough alone time to take a shower.
  I have also been dabbling with the mapping utility for Natural Selection 2.  I finally feel I am on the path to something I can share.  This has got to be at least the 4th map I've started but faced frustration due to lack of time or artistic direction.  I simply swapped my daily gym routine for some mapping time and here are some of the results.

  Not too terrible but certainly have a ways to go.  I have several other areas that are physically constructed however they don't have textures or lighting.  I hope to continue and chronicle the work here.  I'm pretty rusty creatively but I'm hoping to starts coming back to me.

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